i800 The Future in the Ag Industry.

WHAT IT IS? The i800 is a mobile text system that enables you to monitor your pump panel. This system will also alert you of any malfunctions and give you the ability to control your pump panel in the palm of your hand through a mobile txt.

The base unit consists of the following:

HOW DOES IT WORK? Controls are as simple as sending a text on any Smart- Phone with text capability, Select the SMS phone number of the pump that you want to control and type in a simple command like Start or Stop. After the command is sent, you will receive a confirmation in a text that the pump is running or stopped.

When you type in status, the system monitors the condition of the starter and it will text you back if the pump is running or stopped and how long the pump has been running. If you prefer to use an add- on- module like a pressure transducer, flow transducer or level transducer it will indicate the current levels.


ALARMING: The base unit will automatically alert you if the motor is in an overloaded condition and if the incoming power is lost, out of phase or reversed.
You may use an add-on-module like a pressure, flow or level transmitter it will indicate alarm set points.

i800 requirements: The only requirement is that you will need to obtain is a GSM or SMS slim-card from your mobile provider. The price ranges from $5.00 to $20.00 a month depending on your plan and service provider.

Pump panel requirements: Starter will need to have a spare auxiliary contact.
The overload relay will need to have a spare auxiliary contact and a hand OFF-Auto selector switch. Unit can be customized to fit the customer’s needs and requirements.